Why Us

100% satisfaction guarantee

At Noble Pro we strive for perfection and bring our best every day no matter if we are dealing with water damage Las Vegas or any other of our restoration services that we provide. We want to provide all our customers peace of mind and we do that by providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind our work. We use state-of-art technology and the best processes in order to quickly bring your home back to new. Noble Pro offers a variety of different services and each one carries the same guarantee. Whether it’s a water damage loss caused by a natural disaster or something as simple as a carpet cleaning, we take pride in our work and provide the same level of customer service and quality in everything we do. We keep our lines of communication open and ensure that the customer is kept up to speed on each service we provide every step of the way. We are here to serve you.

Top Tier Materials, Products, and Education

At Noble Pro we are constantly tracking industry trends and searching for new and innovative products and technologies to both maximize our performance, and to increase our quality of work while keeping your safety as our top priority. The Restoration industry is always evolving and the team at Noble Pro are constantly adapting. Education is of paramount importance in this industry and we ensure that our entire team is certified and trained on all of the products we use as well as anything new that enters the market. Look no further than the recent events of the Covid-19 pandemic. We quickly adapted through education, seminars, and training to ensure our team was using the proper PPE and disinfecting and sanitizing using CDC approved products to ensure customer safety. At Noble Pro we are always evolving. We attend industry trade shows, lead by example by showcasing the latest technologies in the market and we ensure your safety every step of the way. Many water damage Las Vegas companies are stuck in their way and continue to use the same processes and products that have been used for the last 10+ years. That is NOT us. We know that the market is always evolving and you can rest easy knowing that the team at Noble Pro has the best tools of the trade in their arsenal. By choosing Noble Pro, you are choosing the best.

Customer Service Focused

We understand that when you are dealing with water damage Las Vegas or any other restoration project, that typically it is a very stressful and emotional situation. Part of the reason why we got into this industry is we knew it was an opportunity to be able to provide comfort and solutions to situations that seem hopeless. The last thing you need is a contractor that is hard to get a hold of and runs around like a chicken with their head cut off! Unfortunately, with most restoration companies that is the customer service you are provided. When you call Noble Pro for water damage Las Vegas or any other of our restoration services you can expect the phone to be answered by someone ready to get you their full attention. We invested in scheduling softwares and systems to be able to provide to you the most top of the line efficient care possible. We know that the actual service in which we provide water damage Las Vegas restoration but we also see ourselves in the customer service industry as well! As we strive to find more efficient solutions to your restoration needs we strive equally as hard to improve the customer service experience in which we provide as well!

All Inclusive Restoration Services

At Noble Pro we are your one stop shop for everything restoration! No matter if you are needing us to take care of water damage Las Vegas or just a simple carpet cleaning, we will be able to perform the right service for your situation. Dealing with any kind of construction or repair can be extremely stressful and the last thing you want to deal with is multiple contractors on your job. With Noble Pro you can trust that the right person is on the job from start to finish. By doing everything in house it allows us to have better control over the quality, price, and timeline of the work we perform. This allows projects to go seamlessly so that we can get you back to your normal life as quickly as possible. As if you never needed any water damage Las Vegas restoration services in the first place. No matter what you are in need of we would love for you to give us a call so that we can give you several options and find what is going to best serve you! At Noble Pro we never offer just cookie cutter solutions but come up with the best package to get you back to before the issue ever happened.

24/7 Emergency Service Available

When an emergency situation occurs, it is never planned and always throws a wrench into your already busy schedule. When contractors and water damage Las Vegas restoration companies have limited scheduling and hours it can leave you dealing with the issue for far longer than you should. This can also increase the damage to your home as often water damage Las Vegas can lead to mold growth and bacteria that is extremely harmful to you and your home if it is not taken care of quickly! That is why at Noble Pro we offer 24/7 emergency service so that you can feel confident that your issue is going to get taken care of as soon as possible by a licensed professional that you can trust! It is our goal to always put our customers first by prioritizing the customer service in which we provide to them. Making sure that issues are addressed immediately and that communication is excellent throughout the entire water damage Las Vegas restoration.